Lily James and Sebastian Stan Give Good '90s Hair in the "Pam & Tommy" Trailer

Hulu's Pam & Tommy series isn't set to premiere until February of 2022, but one thing we already know is that the series will be serving a lot of 1990s hairstyles. The streaming service released an almost two-minute teaser of the show on November 17, proving that it has perfected Pamela Anderson's and Tommy Lee's throwback manes to a tee. Even Seth Rogen's mullet was perfectly coiffed to look hyper-realistic. 

Below, we've rounded up some of the trailer's best hair moments. By the looks of it, we're definitely in for more '90s beauty brilliance once the show airs on Hulu. 

Pamela Anderson, if you're reading this, please come claim your twin because Lily James is actually your long-lost doppelgänger. James's blunt bangs and loose, blonde waves make her look like a dead-ringer for '90s Anderson. 

We all know that the modern mullet is still very much alive and well today (just ask Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato), but Seth Rogen is bringing back the original look, curls and all. By the time we get through this series, we'll never forget what the authentic mullet looks like ever again. 

The celebrities of the '90s loved voluminous hair, and so did Anderson. It looks like her signature voluminous updo, complete with face-framing layers, is making a comeback from its glory days. Oh, and thin eyebrows are also making their cameo appearance à la Anderson. 

Anderson's extra-voluminous bun, the one and only, will also be back as confirmed by the series teaser. Shown above, it's paired with Anderson's thick, eye-skimming bangs. 

Tommy Lee's personality is the reverse of his mini mullet's: party in the front, business in the back. It really shows, especially with the tattoo sleeves that cover both of Sebastian Stan's arms. But let's focus on the party in the back of the hair itself. The bent layers and frontal pieces accurately portray the shaggy chop he popularized during the decade. 


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If these hairstyles were given a grade, hairstylists Erica Adams, Barry Lee Moe, and Ryan Randall — the hairstylists behind all the looks in the series — would get an A+ in our book. To catch all of the teaser's '90s beauty goodness, check out the video above. 

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