As of two hours per week of the natural, makes a man healthy, researchers say

To spend a lot of time in nature is good for the health to live alone in the greener parts of the city, has according to studies, a positive effect on the mortality. A Team from the University of Exeter has researched how long one should spend at least in the countryside, to be able to have a positive effect on health and well being find. The study was published Thursday in the journal “Scientific Reports”.

The result: compared to people who spent during a week, no time in nature, participants of the study were two or more hours outdoors, often healthier and happier. From 200 to 300 minutes per week in nature, the biggest impact showed.

Were studied the data of about 20,000 people in England were recognized at the world’s largest collection around people and their contact to nature, from 2014 to 2016. In Interviews, the participants ranked themselves in terms of their health and well-being.

In the evaluation, the researchers observed different groups of positive effects of “time-outs” in nature:

  • In the case of women and men,
  • People under and over 65 years of age,
  • People with different professional backgrounds,
  • People of different ethnic groups,
  • Residents of rich and poor neighborhoods and
  • also in the case of people with chronic diseases and disabilities.

A long hike, or several lunch breaks in the Park

It was not relevant whether the participants spent two hours or more in the nature of, or several short visits took. At times of under two hours, no significant difference in the health status or well-being showed to the participants, who had not spent any time in nature.

Most of the participants of the study had to travel for nature experiences, but in General, the places were located only three kilometers from your home. “So it seems to be even good to visit local urban green spaces. Two hours per week are hopefully a realistic goal for many people, especially since you can distribute them over the whole week, in order to achieve the positive effect,” the researchers said.

Discussion of the results

Even if the results are statistically significant, the researchers in their study that the influence of nature is in comparison relatively small. Consequently, it affects, for example, the well-being, whether a person is Single or in a relationship lives, and their socio-economic Status.

In addition, the scientists were able to the positive effect on health, even in chronic patients demonstrate. Nevertheless, you can’t exclude the possibility that the results were influenced by the fact that happy and healthy people spend more time in nature.

In their study, the researchers did not have the time in your own garden included.

Forest bathing

Another result of the study: The positive effects of nature apply not only to people who engage in outdoor sports, but also for others. In previous studies, researchers had demonstrated the effects of nature, not only through physical activities.

In Japan, forest bathing is even a recognized Stress-Management method. In Germany, more and more popular, shirin-yoku provides, just in the forest to stop and let its fragrance and atmosphere.