Coconut Curry Rice Is the Star of Valerie Bertinelli's 5-Ingredient Flank Steak Dinner Recipe

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We’re always looking for new dinner ideas that we can make without a bunch of hassle, especially for those busy nights when all we want to do is crash on the couch and catch up on the newest season of Yellowjackets, not paw through our cupboards desperately trying to make a tasty meal. So when we hear about a five ingredient recipe, we’re always intrigued. Valerie Bertinelli shared a five-ingredient flank steak recipe that’s just what we’re looking for, and it’s a flavorful meal that uses a coconut curry sauce in two clever ways to make sure that each bite of meat and rice is delicious.

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For starters, Bertinelli whips up a coconut milk, red curry, and cilantro stem mixture that’s used both as a marinade for the flank steak, and as part of the cooking liquid for the rice, which saves tons of time. Most jarred red curry paste options have a kick of spice, are salty, and full of ingredients like ginger, garlic, and chiles, so it’s a shortcut ingredient we love to have on hand. If you like your food really spicy, feel free to add some chili paste or hot sauce to the mix, too. The creaminess of the coconut milk can stand up to quite a bit of spice.

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Bertinelli calls for long grain rice to accompany the flank steak. It’s cooked in a mixture of the coconut milk curry paste blend and water, so each grain is imbued with flavor and cooks up fluffy and tender. Chopped cilanto is stirred into the rice once it’s done cooking for a pop of color and freshness.

Courtesy of Simply Asia.

Finally, the flank steak (one of our favorite cuts for its deep beef flavor) is cooked on a grill pan, the marinade caramelizing on both sides and adding a rich umami to the meal. Sliced against the grain (very important with flank steak), the meat is served with the coconut rice, for a delicious weeknight meal no one would guess contained just five ingredients.

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