Could Peanut Milk Be The New Almond Milk?

In the ever-expanding world of nut-based “milks”, is peanut milk set to be the next big thing?

We can barely remember a time when almond milk wasn’t an option down at our local cafe. Now, a new nut milk is on the scene that is not only a dairy-free alternative to milk, but also boasts a rich, creamy flavour and all the nutritional benefits to boot.

Peanut milk.

Yes, technically peanuts are a legume, not a nut, but (along with arguing the fruit-ness of a tomato) banging on about it will only leave you standing alone at a party. Trust me.

As far as we can tell, there is only one company bringing ready-made peanut milk into the world – the farmers at Elmhurst Milked. Offering both plain peanut and peanut milk with chocolate (oh my gosh), we can only hope they decide to start shipping internationally soon.

Thankfully peanut milk, like other nut milks, is easy to DIY.  Peanut milk can be made at home by soaking shelled peanuts in water overnight until they swell and soften, and then blending them with water. More water will create a more watery milk, less will make it thicker. Some recipes call for vanilla essence or a pitted date to be added to the blender for a touch of sweetness. The result? A thick, rich-flavoured liquid that is delicious to drink chilled or used in a smoothie. But, apparently, not so good in cereal.

Aside from flavour, it turns out are other benefits to switching to peanut milk. Peanuts are cheaper to buy, for those keen to make milk at home. Peanut milk is also a richer source of protein than almond milk, with about the same amount of fat.

Maybe this time next year we’ll be ordering peanut lattes instead!

This article originally appeared in Foodiful.

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