Every other chicken in the trade with infected diarrhoea pathogens

The German food retail market approximately every second chicken sample with a diarrhea pathogen contaminated. This is clear from the response of the Federal government to a written question from the Green group leaders Anton Hofreiter, of the “Rheinische Post” quoted. Thus, 51.8 percent of the samples contained in the year 2017, the pathogen Campylobacter. In 2011, however, had only 31.6 percent.

Directly to the battle, the Federal office for consumer protection and food safety (BVL) have farms even in the case of the 78.8 per cent of the broiler chickens found by the case of pathogens, it said. In 2011, there were only 40.9 percent.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, Campylobacter leads to 60,000 to 70,000 reported illnesses per year, which is unreported, according to “Rhenish Post office” will be significantly higher.

Hofreiter called for now, the Federal government should provide stations for more Hygiene on the battle. The chief of the consumer protection office Bundesverband (vzbv), Klaus Müller, said: “the Crucial thing is that the slaughter houses are better controlled, and committed to improved hygiene measures.”

A disease caused by Campylobacter bacteria usually begins after about two to five days with fever, head and muscle pain. Shortly thereafter, abdominal cramps, and severe diarrhea follow. The Affected excrete the germs usually about two to four weeks – also, if you are well.

Campylobacter are bacteria from the intestinal tract of animals at slaughter you can get to the meat. Also, raw milk, minced meat, and Sausage are considered to be sources of infection. Also kitchen hygiene is important: If you use the same cutting boards, for example, germs from raw meat can move on to salad.