Exactly What Ksenija Lukich Eats In A Day

As the face of E! Australia, Ksenija Lukich is kicking major career and life goals right now, juggling A-list interviews with jetlag, a journalism degree and her first year of marriage.

What does your day on a plate look like?

I love all foods! And wholefoods, so I try not to eat anything that comes out of a packet. For breakfast I’ll have a smoothie – frozen banana and raspberries, ginger, coconut water, ice and raw protein powder. I snack on fruit or a medjool date for a sweet treat – it’s like a little caramel. Lunch is tuna or a piece of fish and lots of vegetables, and dinner is usually whatever new recipe I’ve found. I love cooking. I’m obsessed with cauliflower right now; I make rice or tabouli out of it, or I’ll roast it whole with Moroccan spices. It’s so versatile and lasts forever in the fridge.

You travel non-stop. How do you manage to stay healthy?

The first thing I do, especially after a long flight, is find an exercise class. When I’m in the US I’ll find a SoulCycle and get to a class within 24 hours to get into a routine. I also love a green juice to rehydrate, with apple, celery, kale, cucumber and lots of freshly grated ginger.

Talk us through your typical fitness week

I see a personal trainer once a week. We do a lot of circuit training and own-body-weight stuff plus lots of cardio. I hate hills but nothing burns [kilojoules] like running up one six times! I also do two or three F45 classes a week, and a lot of vinyasa yoga at Body Mind Life in Sydney.

Why do you love yoga?

I wear heels all the time and I’m tall so I’m always hunching over people, and I find if I don’t do yoga I get bad back and neck spasms. I’m not the most flexible but it’s amazing what two classes a week has done.

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