“Felt high”: a Couple of feeds to three years of fruits

When it comes to selective diet, fruitarian to the most extreme groups: you eat only fruits and nuts. The health effects are controversial, but supporters swear by it. A 39-Year-old, the reports on Instagram about their experiences, and moved for its fruit diet, even after Bali. She says: Fruitarismus is not only healthy – it also makes “high”.

The Polish girl Tina Stoklasa discovered the fruitarian-diet five years ago on the Internet, she told the British “Daily Mail”. Reviews the fruit diet-the trailer impressed you so much that you wanted to try it for yourself for a week. The changes in your life. She was dedicated to the Fruitarismus and finally even your home.

“The first week was great,” said the now 39-Year-old newspaper. “I felt light, optimistic, and even intoxicated. I walked 30 inches above the floor and felt like I would love everything.“ Alone for the spiritual experience of the transition to the diet was purely fruit value. “I never wanted to go back to ‘normal’ eating.”

In the first few years she was bent, nevertheless, again and again. Finally, you have decided to leave your old life completely behind, and to draw on the Indonesian island of Bali. On her Instagram account, on which you reported your experience, have you met, even your Partner, the Belgian Simon Beun. Meanwhile, the two engaged. instagram.com/fit_shortie_eats/ Simon Beun and Tina Stoklasa on Instagram

More energy fruit also spiritually

As the Pair of the “Daily Mail” said, eat of the day is between 2000 and 4000 calories – that’s the only sweet fruit and coconut water. A typical daily schedule will look something like this: Four glasses of orange juice for Breakfast, a banana Smoothie made with seven bananas and half an Avocado for lunch and orange juice and Avocado for dinner. As a Snack, it will give fresh dates.

The positive effects of a fruit diet, according to Stoklasa and Beun limitless. They are convinced that the Fruitarismus itself can cure cancer, depression, and chronic diseases. In everyday life, at least in the diet help in weight loss, deliver a lot of energy, and improve sleep. To do this, you can do, however, also have a greater “affinity with nature”.

Doctors warn of such alleged miracle effects vegans and fruit on a corresponding diet, particularly claims so that cancer could be cured. In the diet through fruits, many experts also see a dangerous lack of materials, such as iron, zinc or Iodine. Vegetable source of fatty acids and calcium, there is only a few. Stoklasa and Beun see this as scaremongering. instagram.com/fit_shortie_eats/ Tina Stoklasa on Instagram

A fruitarian as a top athlete

Stoklasa had been since Childhood, dick, and only with the beginning of your frutarian way of life you have lost weight permanently. For Beun it even goes to the other Extreme, as he explained to the “Daily Mail”: The toned 26-Year-old inspired by the experience of the fruit of Aryan athletes to switch from veganism to the Fruitarismus – the result was “impressive”.

Problems would have had the two with her for three years, practiced way of life never. Despite the sugar-rich diet, her teeth good, because the plant fibers would be clean. In their adopted home of Bali, you are always on the hunt for the freshest fruits and they would collect partially from the tree. The Couple is recommended to anyone who wants to change immediately, completely, or at least the renunciation of meat. “It is the root of all diseases,” said Stoklasa.