Ingredients You Should Have In Your Pantry At All Times

Fact: eating well is a million times easier when you’re organised. But while spending your entire Sunday meal prepping sounds like an epic idea in theory, come day 3 of chowing down on the old roast veg/steamed rice/poached chicken combo, UberEats is almost always enticing.

Enter, these non-negotiable pantry staples (courtesy of WHfitfluencer and celeb nutritionist Jessica Sepel.) With a little creativity (and her expert intel) these will help take any meal to the next lev. Food boredom, be gone.  

1. Olive oil or coconut oil

These two are my oils of choice for cooking. They’re rich in essential fatty acids which support metabolism, hormonal health and skin health. Plus, they have a delicious taste and I love a little olive oil drizzled over my salads.

2. Dried Spices

Some of my favourite spices to use in cooking are turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, ginger and cumin. They’re medicinal, great for supporting wellbeing and add an extra layer of flavour to my recipes. 

3. Almond Meal

I always have almond meal on hand. It’s great for baking healthy recipes and is rich in protein and healthy fats. 

4. Oats

These are always a pantry staple. They’re so nutritious, satiating and quick to prepare. I love a warm bowl of oats with fresh fruit for breakfast. 

5. Nuts and seeds

They’re so versatile. Add them to your breakfasts, sprinkle them over salads, pop a few in your healthy dessert or take them for an afternoon snack.

To save on the guesswork, Jess is launching her new JSHealth App later this month. It will allow you to set up your own meal plan, sending everything you need directly to a digital shopping list. This will help ensure that your pantry is stocked with the very best nutritionist-approved ingredients.

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