It Sure Looks Like Krispy Kreme Is About to Start Selling Delicious Cookies

Per CNBC, Krispy Kreme is nearing a deal to buy out Insomnia Cookies, a national cookie chain with outposts often located near college campuses. Hence the name, the spot delivers fresh cookies until 3 a.m. If it goes through, the move would firmly take Krispy Kreme from “hell yeah, best doughnuts ever” to “ohhhh, shit, they do cookies too?!???”.

The doughnut chain was acquired by investment firm JAB Holding in 2016 for $1.35 billion; this would be the first major acquisition they make since then. The deal, which is not yet final, anonymous sources say, values the cookie chain at less than $500 million.

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Though the same unnamed sources say the deal may still fall apart, they also say there could be a confirmation announcement as soon as a few weeks from now.

It’s unclear how Krispy Kreme would impart its doughnut sensibilities onto the small-yet-mighty cookie chain, but the possibilities are endless. Ice cream sandwiched by one cookie and one doughnut? They could call it a Kookie Kreme! Or maybe coffee-flavored cookie bits? POSSIBLY COOKIE DOUGH DOUGHNUTS???

Only time will tell.

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