Martha Stewart's Easy & Mouthwatering Seasonal Dessert Combines Two Fan-Favorite Ingredients

Martha Stewart always knows how to elevate our meals, whether it be for a big occasion meal or everyday snacks. This time, she just made the perfect snack to treat ourselves at the end of a hard day that’s easy, quick, and oh-so-delicious.

On Dec 1, Stewart shared a video that caught everyone’s attention almost instantly (including ours!) she posted the video with the caption, “Caramel pear slices are a delicious, light dessert all on their own (although, vanilla bean ice cream makes for a delightful accompaniment)—or you can use the tender fruits inside cream puffs. Follow along as we make these seasonal fruits and get the full recipe at the link in our bio.”

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Both easy to make and a seasonal treat? Need we say anymore? Let’s get cooking!

For this super-simple recipe, you only need a handful of ingredients, including pears and fresh lemon juice, to name a couple. Stewart recommends snagging and peeling Bosc pears, and if you’re not sure which they are, look out for the long, curved stem that helps accentuate its more rounded base!

Just when you think it couldn’t get any more simple for a beginner in the kitchen, get ready: this recipe is only two steps, only equalling around 30 minutes of cooking and prepping time!

Per Stewart’s much-needed cook notes, she recommends a few things, like making the pears up to two hours ahead and stirring them in about two tablespoons of water, if you need the syrup looser.

Get Martha Stewart’s full Caramel Pear Slices recipe here!

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