New own brand: such As a good Bio of dm’s really?

The drugstore chain dm is now selling its own organic products. However, dm Bio can keep up with the Alnatura range and established brands such as Bioland? FOCUS Online explains what can expect consumers for the cheap Biopreis in dm really.

  • The drugstore chain dm sold in the future, a good 50 own Bioartikel.
  • “dm organic”brand is not the quality of labels such as Demeter.
  • Consumer advocates: “‘dm ‘ organic’ is more to be expected than from Aldi-organic.”

Grape juice and coconut Drink, rice cakes and cane sugar, balsamic vinegar, and Bulgur are just a few of the approximately 50 products, the shelf since Thursday in the dm. The drugstore chain will surprise your customers with a new range: “dm Bio” as a separate Eco-brand has grown with the Bio-family. The independent brand Alnatura has the drugstore since 1985 in the shops.

All organic

According to Netto, Norma, Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord: Now dm is included in the Self-Biomarkers-Designers.

“It is a General tendency to create, in the trade’s own brands,” says Armin Valet, a speaker at the consumer center of Hamburg. The grant providers more independence and potentially higher margins.

In contrast to the Eco-range discounters such as Aldi, there is dm, however, no fresh Goods.

How much bio is in “dm Bio”?

The raw materials of the “dm Bio”products “derived from organic farming and thus comply with the requirements of the EC Eco-regulation,” writes the drugstore.

This means, for example, that fruit and vegetables are produced without genetic engineering, says Armin Valet. If it is the case of animal products, may get the animals with GMO-free feed.

The Eco does not mean, however, that if it were local products. Bioknoblauch with the EU Organic farming logo could still come from China. “That’s why organic is not always under all aspects of eco-friendly,” says Valet. The would confuse consumers often.

How well is the EU ecological standard is in comparison to labels such as Demeter?

Labels such as Demeter or Bioland have much stricter requirements than the EU ecological standard. They are, among other things, for short transport distances of the animals, or only allow a minimum of additives. Valet adds: “Here there is a distinct quality advantage of the EU-Standard.”

How convenient, the dm will be organic?

The magnification of the BIOS ortiments a clear strategy, resulting in the drugstore market power is no secret. The chain wanted to bear the increasing demand of organic products account, said CEO Erich Harsch. The opportunities for growth in this area. In the case of dm, organic food, currently have a share in the high single-digit range on sales.

How deep is the Bio-Fans for the “dm Bio”products in their pockets? For a similar price level as for the Alnatura announced the drugstore market.

It also States: “The products of dm Bio is characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio, but also excellent quality.”

Organic products travel around the world

In order to guarantee a cheap price, other Billigbio vendor like products from Overseas and Eastern Europe.

What absurd dimensions of the globalized organic market can accept, so has Peter Laufer in detail. The author of the book “Bio? The truth about our food“ followed many paths of organic products to the whole world, and discovered, among other things, that his Biowalnüsse arrived in the United States from the Republic of Kazakhstan or the Bioblaubeeren from Chile.

Where are the organic products of dm?

While Valet in the case of discount stores-organic from Aldi was expected that it will not bring the German organic farmers a lot, the consumer advocates here at dm a better chance. “That’s because dm has a very high Reputation with consumers,” says Valet. This should not squander the brand with the new Ökolinie.

The drugstore writes to the origin on its website: “When possible, we rely on regional partnerships for a sustainable and transparent production.” The FOCUS Online asked for more detail behind that, however, of dm to publication, and received no response.

Dm Bio is “” healthier than the Alnatura range?

The drugstore chain wants to lay with the own Bio-products, among other things, the focus of the brand on the “druggist of the health aspect”. This appears to be the representative of the consumer protection is only logical, “because the issue is the health of the consumers and is definitely a market of the future”.

Sure, there was: “If the new Bio-products and want to keep up with the Alnatura range, you must meet high standards of quality.” For Alnatura, in many aspects above the minimum standard of the EU. For example, Alnatura also works together with the German farmers ‘ associations, so that Were, in part, Demeter or Bioland seal.

For this reason alone, consumers could expect “from ‘dm’ organic ‘ is more than the Aldi-organic,” says Valet. The quality is actually assessed, you would have to look at the individual products in more detail.