Out of sight, out of mind

A pleasure to eat, weight keepOut of sight, out of mind

LEVEL of KNOWLEDGE has developed a nine-week pleasure Coaching you can learn to eat for pleasure and to keep your weight. This is the sixth part. The other parts can be found here.

Snacks and fast food, you are not at house, you can not eat also. That sounds banal. But the principle is very effective, if you want to eat with pleasure instead of in an uncontrolled manner. In behavior therapy, one is occupied under the heading of “Stimulus control” in order to remove certain stimuli – for example, candy or fast food from the own environment.

This week you get two instructions, it can change how your stock and your habits so that you are less exposed to temptations.

Select which of the two instructions is more likely to meet their wounds points:

  • Inside
    You don’t pay attention this week, every time you shop to take anything, and a lot of candy or Snacks. If you go to the supermarket, then the rule of thumb is that you can take per shopping basket of candy and a finished product (e.g., frozen pizza). Once home, you put everything you find food sexy, and often times uncontrollably eat, out of sight and reach. A lockable Cabinet or a far-away drawer is often sufficient. A Time of the day you are allowed to operate targeted at snacks or candy and a small amount of treat – a small bowl of Chips or a bar of chocolate. Then, the drawer goes back. Keep this self-control for a week. When you realize that you doing well, keep this new behavior.
  • Outside
    Many people report that they are eating especially while you are working or traveling more Unhealthy in the meantime. No miracle: What comes in the station hall or in the office of temptations in our field of view, we can’t control or change. In other words, there is a different behavior practice.
    If you have the feeling that the seduction situations, especially outside of the own four walls are a Problem, then analyze it in this week, consciously, what are your personal key situations: through the past two weeks, and remember, when you’ve eaten to travel, in the office or on the go a lot or too much of the things that you want to take actually, only in moderation.
    Important: you will notice that often the Hunger and the feeling of “now I have to but something to eat” have a role to play. Or the simple availability of the snack box in the office.
    Here helps: Create Alternatives and take you on trips and on the go always have some food with (such as sausage sandwiches or Apples). If you are hungry on the go or in the afternoon in the office, you then have a healthy variation, you can refer to.

Food psychologists are sure that the avoidance of Stimuli or the reliance on healthy Alternatives can make a huge difference, if people like to eat well – but it’s too much and often uncontrolled and unknowingly. Give it a try this week. And keep the “stimulus control” when you realize that this makes a difference.

Important: A special case is “much food in society”. Whether it is to celebrate a Buffet, whether you are sitting with friends in the cinema and Popcorn she eats or at a business dinner to a lot of drinking and eating – a lot of people lose in the company of your own eating habits completely out of sight, and can the additional, seductive Ess-Charms difficult to resist.

If this is the case for you, try to observe, in what specific situations you are put in this kind of behaviour. If this happens only for occasional celebrations or dinner with friends, leave everything as it is and treat yourself to the cozy eat More. If you are a lot of people, or often with business partners, go to a Restaurant, try to stay in the social Situation consciously and carefully. As soon as you take a Cutlery or crockery in the Hand or with a food come in contact with, make it short, the question is: “I Want to eat this now? And how much of it?” Alone, this Reflection can help you in this Situation, to eat too much.

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