Someone Actually Bid $17,000 for Three Supreme Oreos

Wow. Never thought I’d long for the days of November 2019 when the worst thing hypebeast culture spawned was the $3,000 Nike “Jesus Shoes” that Drake bought but that’s exactly what Supreme’s latest collab with Oreo has done to me.

This week, the cultish brand that brought us overhyped metro cards, literal bricks, and measuring tapes surprised its loyal followers with its Spring/Summer 2020 collection and designer Oreos. Honestly, it’s a smart move because who the hell doesn’t like Oreos?

Predictably, some wise investors bought the Oreos when they first dropped, knowing the demand is huge and they’d likely sell out, and are turning a profit with them on eBay or what I am now calling the Oreo black market. Already, one listing has the cookies priced at $17,199. If you were thinking, “Oh, well at least it’s a standard 36-pack, so it’s only $477 per cookie,” please just Venmo me all your money while you do some self reflection.

Unfortunately for Supreme fans who wants sleeves of embossed cookies, you actually only get three in the pack, which the brand originally sold for $8. Basically, Supreme marked up the cookies to cost about $2.50 each—a normal Oreo costs around 11 cents when you do the math. All that’s to say, if you have a major lapse in judgement and buy the $17,199 pack, you’ll be paying $5,733 per cookie.

There are still four more days left to go on the eBay auction, so you can expect the price of the Oreos to rise even higher as we continue to stray further and further from God’s light.

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