“Sugar is actually a drug and I was addicted to it”

Smarter life #11: How Anastasia sugar-free through the Christmas season comes

There are many good reasons not to eat sugar: less risk of tooth Decay, the pants fit better and the body is happy. But on cake, ice cream and chocolate, want to do without no-one. And with the sweets alone isn’t enough – because in almost all of the finished products is sugar hidden.

Also the presenter and author, Anastasia Zampounidis not had to learn first, as you started 13 years ago to avoid sugar: “I knew that he’s also in the sticks, Salami and gherkins. If I thought that I ate a month of no sugar, because I omitted the chocolate and the cake, I ate constantly.”

And so it took a while to Anastasia’s sugar craving stopped. In the meantime, the waiver is no longer a Problem for the 50. Your diet has changed completely, and thus also the sense of taste gradually changed. Instead of chocolate, sweet potatoes, and carrots today for your feelings of happiness, says Anastasia: “If I hadn’t had that, I swear, I would have to hold maybe a maximum of a year.”

Apples, dates or bananas are now bears their rubber. Fructose in its natural Form, allows you. He may just be not extracted and concentrated – because of too much fructose, the liver harm. On Christmas cookies, Anastasia must not do without: “There are also gingerbread cookies without sugar.”

How to manage the transition without losing the pleasure of eating? As parents also get their children to eat less candy? And how to bake star sugar-free Cinnamon?

The answers are there in the new episode of the “Smarter life”

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