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Food eating contests aren’t just reserved for celebrations of independence. In fact, they’re an all summer long occurrence. From the Fourth of July spectacular that is Nathan’s hot dog eating contest to the “You Stink” garlic eating contest in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we share the most bizarre — not to mention: creative — food eating contests across the United States, ahead.

Nathan’s hot dog eating contest is one of the most popular food eating contests. | Stan Honda/AFP/GettyImages

Hot dog eating contest

Nathan’s hot dog eating contest in Coney Island, New York is perhaps one of the most famous food eating contests in the United States. Every year on July 4th, hot dog enthusiasts gather together to celebrate America’s birthday and watch Joey Chestnut stuff his face with dozens of World Famous Beef Dogs.

SPAM eating contest

If the thought of a hot dog contest grosses you out, this next one isn’t much better. Every July, Maryland hosts a Crustacean Celebration for the state’s minor league team, the Blue Crabs. And, get this: Part of the celebration consists of a SPAM eating contest. The winner takes home a supermarket shopping spree.

Pudding eating contest

Calling all chocolate lovers: Every year at the Winter Park Chocolate Festival, kids and adults compete in a pudding eating contest in hopes of winning free chocolate.

Tomato eating contest

Every June, Jacksonville, Texas residents celebrate tomato season with, you guessed it, a tomato eating contest. In addition to tomato eating, there’s also tomato peeling contesting. The catch? You can only use your teeth!

If you love fries, gravy, and cheese curds, a poutine eating contest is for you. | juliedeshaies/Getty Images

Poutine eating contest

Poutine might be a Canadian favorite, but that doesn’t stop Americans from challenging themselves to a poutine eating contest. If you love french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds, this is the competition for you.

Jalapeño eating contest

If you love spice, you might want to consider the jalapeño eating contest in Round Rock, Texas. Like Nathan’s hot dog eating contest — only spicier — the jalapeño eating contest takes place on the Fourth of July.

Bull testicles eating contest

Bizarre doesn’t even begin to cut it. At Montana’s Testy Festy — a festival dedicated to testicles — contestants participate in a bull testicles eating contest. And, if they feel like burning off the calories, they can enter in the underwear tricycle race, too.

Garlic eating contest

Garlic breath has a whole new meaning with the “You Stink” contest in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Rumor has it, the stinking rose contest exists to celebrate the health benefits of garlic.

Bacon eating contest

Breakfast lovers unite! There is a food eating contest for you. At the pork-fest in Carroll County, Indiana, contestants can participate in an all-you-can-eat bacon competition. And, if they’re still hungry after, they can enjoy more food with the festival’s cook-off and beer offerings.

Kale eating contest

Eating your weight in food is not exactly the healthiest sport. That said, Healthy Options wanted to change that with a kale eating contest. In summer 2016, kale-lovers came together to participate in the Kale Yeah — The World’s Healthiest Eating Championship in Buffalo, New York. Since then, various kale eating contests have popped up across the country.

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