This Impressive Martha Stewart Coffee Meringue Cake Is Crafted Using Store-Bought Ice Cream

Coffee addicts, this one is for you. Perfect for Mother’s Day, or really any day of the week, Martha Stewart’s Coffee Meringue Ice Cream Cake will give you an extra boost of energy while also wowing your guests. This dessert takes some time and skill, but it starts with something super basic: store-bought ice cream.

“This Mother’s Day, give mom what she really wants: An extra kick of caffeine, in dessert form,” the caption of a post on the official Martha Stewart Instagram reads. “This coffee meringue-ice cream cake is perfect for the mom who wants to drink her coffee and eat it, too. Store-bought ice cream is ramped up with almonds, ground coffee beans, and a little flaky salt, and then sandwiched between coffee-swirled meringues to form this bold and crunchy dessert.”

Say less — we’re sold!

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Making the meringue may be the most difficult part of this entire process, so the recipe has you check that off the list first. You make the meringue by heating egg whites and sugar in a heatproof bowl over a pot of simmering water, continuously stirring until the sugar is dissolved. If you don’t stir often enough, or if your water is too hot, your eggs could cook unevenly and too fast, leaving you with a scrambled mess. So make sure you take your time and focus during this step.

Transfer the warm mixture to a stand mixer, add cream of tartar and a pink of salt, and mix until stiff, glossy peaks form and the mixture is cooled. Then your meringue is done!

The store-bought ice cream comes in at the last step of the recipe. It’s softened in the mixer and combined with toasted almonds and coffee grounds and then spread onto a slab of flattened meringue. This cake is kind of like crafting a sculpture — it takes time, and there are multiple layers to complete before getting to the finished result. But in the end, it’s a masterpiece!

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Grab the full recipe here and totally impress your caffeine-loving mom on Mother’s Day this year.

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