Things That You Didn’t Know About Holle Formula

“You are what you eat,” says a well-known winged expression, and it is entirely true: food serves as a kind of “building material” for body tissues. For small children, this is especially true, since their body is in the most active stage of “construction”. A win-win feeding option would be Holle – natural baby food of biodynamic quality from Demeter in Germany.

Holle Organic Baby Formula

The word “organic” in the name of the baby formula means that the raw materials for its production were grown without the use of any synthetic chemicals – only traditional farming. As a result, fruits, vegetables and grains retain more nutrients, and no breakdown products of chemicals go into the finished product. This makes baby food as healthy and safe as possible for babies, even those with allergies.

Holle offers everything your baby needs:

– Holle Cow and Holle goat milk formula for different age categories;

– Dairy and non-dairy cereals;

– Infant purée of fruits and vegetables;

– Healthy crunchy snacks for children;

– Crackers, cookies, and bars;

– Special products for breastfeeding mothers.

Holle has been producing baby food for over 85 years, and today the brand’s assortment includes more than 80 products. From the very beginning, Holle made a bet on naturalness: only organic and biodynamic raw materials are used to make baby food. The products contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Biodynamic Ingredients

Everything, without exception, from seeds, fruits, cereals to milk and meat are natural products. Biodynamic way of growing grains, vegetables and fruits is costly and time-consuming. But as a result, the vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that are present in the products are real benefits grown under natural conditions.

At Holle Production Farms, cows are in a natural environment for themselves. They are not on growth hormones and spend most of their free time eating meadow grass in the company of their caregivers.

Holle’s Quality Assurance

What do biodynamically grown ingredients mean?

– natural cyclical cultivation without violence and exploitation of animals, land and the environment,

– quality over quantity is always preferred,

– biodiversity instead of monocultures,

– animals are kept in their natural environment,

– no chemical fertilizers or insecticides,

– no hormones or animal growth stimulants,

– natural compost is used for fertilization, not minerals,

– no chemical additives (e.g., preservatives) are used or added at all stages of processing.

What can you be sure of when buying Holle products?

– None of the products contain GMOs,

– No added table salt,

– No added hydrogenated fats,

– No added flavorings, colors or preservatives.

How do I know if it’s a real Holle product?

Each package of Holle formula has a logo and a certificate number (Demeter). This certificate controls all production processes: from seed selection to packaging. Everything is checked, every step of the farmer: raw materials, cultivation, land, transportation, storage, processing and, of course, the final product.

The farm, where farmers live and work, is a living organism with its inherent natural cycles. For example, the food for the animals is grown on the same land, and the cattle in turn provides the land with fertilizer; all crops are sown in certain lunar phases, the use of chemical fertilizers is completely eliminated. These and many other factors help to ensure that plants and animals receive maximum life-giving energy and strength.

Almost all young parents who have used Holle products for their babies are satisfied and recommend it to their friends. After all, it is a very high quality product that deserves your attention.