10 Ways To Improve Your Memory

Struggling with your, um, what’s it called…. Oh, memory! Specialist neurosurgeon doctor Richard Parkinson has shared ten things you can do to boost your brain function. 

1. Sleep

Your brain works at least 25% more efficiently if you have had 8 hours. If you have less than 4 hours it’s the equivalent of drinking alcohol!

2. Nutrition

Trace elements such as selenium and Omega fattty acids found in fish, and reduction in junk food has been shown to improve brain performance, particularly in children!

3. Training

Puzzles, problem solving, independence and managing your life, all mean you are using your brain and keeping the circuits active!

4. Physical exercise

It improves blood pressure and has been shown to improve brain function and memory!

5. Tricks

Use memory aids, lists and calendars just as all busy people use to expand their memories. For example, think of “Julia with the red scarf” rather than just “Julia”.

6. Avoid stress

Stress has been shown to impair memory and thinking.

7. Human interaction

People with active social lives have the slowest memory decline according to a Harvard study!

8. Meditation

The practice improves concentration and activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain.

9. Humour

A surprising amount of brain power is needed for a joke, both remembering and understanding one!

10. Avoid risk factors

Brain performance is impaired by medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, head injuries, and depression. Often successful treatment makes a huge difference!

Dr Richard Parkinson is a highly trained neurosurgeon who has performed ground breaking and complex surgery on some of Australia’s elite sportspeople and recognised as a leading expert in sports injuries. Dr Parkinson has attained internationally esteemed qualifications from both the USA and Australia and is a highly respected specialist at the forefront of neurosurgical science and development.

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