A new meditation centre is offering Sydney-siders lunchtime nap sessions!

First there were nap pods and then nap cafes started popping up, but there is now nap lunchtime sessions being offered at Surry Hills’s newest mindfulness studio, The Indigo Project.

We all know the feeling (in fact we’re experiencing it now), when your eyes become heavy, your concentration goes, and there is not enough coffee in the country that will make you feel otherwise. The solution is obviously to have a quick power nap, but where? Well the The Indigo Project in Surry Hills is now offering nap time workshops, to help get over that midday wall.

The nap time workshops take you through a guided meditation and gives you an opportunity to take a little sleep to recharge, leaving you feeling energised for the rest of the day at work.

This perfect sanctuary also offers plenty of yoga, meditation, one-on-one therapy classes as well as local and international retreats.

So sign us up! 

This article originally appeared on 7Travel.

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