Al Roker’s Walk\/Run Routine Is the Easiest Way to Start Running

Al Roker has become somewhat of the poster child for taking charge of your health at an older age, having lost more 100 pounds via gastric bypass surgery and an additional 40 pounds on the keto diet. The 66-year-old TV anchor has also recovered from an “aggressive” prostate cancer diagnosis and is more active than ever, sharing his workout routines on Instagram, his most recent being his run/walking interval work.

“This morning, I had the day off and enjoyed getting out into [Central Park] and get this morning’s interval training,” he wrote in caption for the Instagram video. Roker is seen recording himself taking a brisk walk in New York’s Central Park, only to be briefly greeted by a fan. “I had to run four minutes, walk two minutes, and do that for an hour,” Roker said in the on Monday. “#challengeyourself and take a walk today.”

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As previously reported by Men’s Health, interval training, such as a mix of walking and running is an excellent way to get into (or back into) running. The strategy is also known as the Galloway Method. “When you run nonstop, your muscles are going to fatigue more rapidly,” Jeff Galloway, former Olympic Runner and creator of the Galloway Method previously told Men’s Health. “So you’ll tire out at two and a half miles when you’d planned to go three, for instance. “It’s the same as if you lift a weight and don’t take breaks, you’re not going to do as much lifting as you would if you put the weight down and came back to it.”

Want to get into this interval method and #runwalklikeAl? Galloway recommends starting at “a good, hard pace for you,” which can be a mix of mostly walking or mostly running, whichever feels best to you. Either way, some movement is better than none.

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