Ashy Bines Is Tired Of Being "Fit Shamed" For Her Post-Baby Body

Fitness guru and instafamous blogger Ashy Bines has spoken out against social media abuse.


Ashy sat down with Sunday Night to talk about her experience with pregnancy and motherhood, and the crazy trolls who attempt to tear her down.

Speaking with Melissa Doyle, Bines revealed:

“I had one comment which really hurt which said I didn’t deserve to be a mother because I was killing him because my baby was small, my belly was small. The other one said they hope that he has Down Syndrome, another one says they hope I have a still-birth because I don’t deserve to have him.”

“I am a better mum when I am active,” she continued, “a better mum when I start my day with a walk because I am out in the fresh air, I have got those endorphins and I feel good and he feels that.”

“[Growing up] We were very, very poor and I just don’t think my parents had a lot of education to what healthy food was. Whatever we could afford was what we got.”

As for why she thinks she’s the target of abuse? Ashy explained:

“Maybe some mums are feeling guilty for not being active or not eating healthy… People always have to find someone to blame instead of taking responsibility.”

The show also brought on clinical psychologist Louise Adams, who said she believes the fitness culture can have a negative impact on the wellbeing of women:

“I think that there needs to be a movement towards her looking like a human being, not necessarily bedraggled, but like a human being… If science is showing that we have skyrocketing levels of eating disorder, body dissatisfaction in every living human woman we need to do something about it.”

“I do think it’s a cult of Ashy Bines. I do think this is a group of women who are very appearance focused, very competitive, and very perfectionistic and this is a diet and exercise program that is not going to work for the majority of people in the long term. I’m really concerned about the damage this kind of stuff is doing to women’s self-esteem.”

Look, we see Louise’s point. The whole insta-fit blogger thing can be a little frustrating at times, and there is certainly a problem with young women who perceive the heavily filtered world of Instagram as reality. But wishing harm on a pregnant woman and her child simply for her fitness and looks? That’s just messed up.

We wish Ashy and her adorable little bub Taj all the best, and hope her decision to speak out can help silence all the online hate.

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