British mom dies after ‘Brazilian butt lift’ procedure in Turkey, reports say

Leah Cambridge, 29 and mother of three, reportedly died shortly after her Brazilian butt lift surgery.


A British mother of three died shortly after she underwent a “Brazilian butt lift” procedure in Turkey, reports said Wednesday.

Leah Cambridge, 29, traveled to the Turkish coastal city of Izmir to get a £3,000 (about $3,890) cosmetic surgery that reshapes a person’s buttocks by transferring fat from other parts of the body, Sky News reported.

Although the cause of death was not revealed, Cambridge’s boyfriend, Scott Franks, said in a Facebook post on Monday that he heard his girlfriend died “really early into the operation.”

Franks also told The Sun that people should be aware of how dangerous the butt lift procedure could be.

"People need to be aware of situations that can happen with this treatment," Franks told The Sun. "We are still waiting for answers and are also trying to get a flight to bring Leah home."

Franks said that he’s a “broken man” following his girlfriend’s death.

“I’m hurt so bad and this is only the start. My life has crashed.”

Franks said he traveled to Turkey to retrieve Leah’s body, which will return “in the next few days.” In a post on Tuesday, he said he got his answers about Cambridge and was glad he “didn’t kill the surgeon.” He did not provide further detail. 

The so-called "Brazilian butt lift" has become a popular procedure among women who are looking to achieve bodies such as Kim Kardashian’s. The surgery, however, has led to many deaths in recent years. One in 3,000 patients die of the procedure, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons said. 

Cambridge was reportedly getting her procedure at Elite Aftercare, according to Sky News. The company says it offers “a UK standard of care” and works with British reality TV stars.

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