Children: Strong exposure to the Sport is damaging to joints

Sports and exercise are important for children and adolescents, no question. Experts warn not to overdo it: Intense exercise without adequate recovery time could be detrimental to young people for a lifetime physically. On sport point to the orthopaedic surgeons in the run-up to the German Congress for Orthopaedics and accident surgery, 2019 (DKOU).

"We observe, in practice, increasingly injury pattern, the on to intense exercise without adequate recovery for bones, joints and muscles due sind", Professor Dr. med says. Romain rope, President of the society for Orthopaedic traumatologic sports medicine (GOTS). He warns against Training with no recovery time and a one-sided burden, since both Consider the child’s movement and could cause damage to the apparatus permanently.

A weak point in the bone structure of children and young people’s joint Growth, also called the epiphyseal plate. It closes in girls, mostly 14. or 15., and in boys at about 16. Years of age, after bone growth is complete. Acute injuries, but also chronic Overloading can cause damage to these growth plates. "In particular, a joint can near or the joint is directly relevant injury, the Growth plate is involved, then a deformity to ziehen", cable explains. As an example, he is called O-legs of footballers who have trained in their youth to intensive. Depending on the severity this could also have long-term damage such as arthritis result.

"Children should a week to comply with a minimum of two rest days and a maximum of three to four hours of the day trainieren", Professor Dr. med recommends. Thomas Tischer, head of the section of sports Orthopaedics at the Orthopaedic clinic, University medical center Rostock. It is important to make Training age – appropriate, varied and with ample warm up and rest periods.


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