Cool Down as the Temperatures Heat Up With This Pool Workout — No Backstroke Required

With record-breaking temperatures expected across the country this Fourth of July, going outside for a run seems daunting. But it’s still possible to get a great outdoor workout — while staying cool — with this poolside program.

Four-time CrossFit Games veteran Kristin Holte developed this water-adjacent workout for Reebok as an alternative to monotonous lap swimming.

“Pool workouts are great because you don’t need equipment to squeeze in a quality workout. You get to be resourceful with what’s around you,” she tells Reebok. “I used to swim just laps, but I realized with a little creativity, I could create a well-rounded workout without an entire gym.”

Holte recommends doing the full program five times, but says that those who have less experience in the water can still get a solid workout with just three or four rounds.

Kristin Holte’s Pool Workout

25-Yard Freestyle
30 Alternating lunges
25-Yard Freestyle
25 Squats
25-Yard Freestyle
20 Dips
25-Yard Freestyle
15 Pull-ups
25-Yard Freestyle
10 Push-ups
25-Yard Freestyle
5 L-Sit Leg Lifts

25-Yard Freestyle

Before each movement, do a basic freestyle stroke from one end of the pool to the other.

Alternating Lunges

“Stand with your feet together and keep your core engaged as you step forward, so your back leg is bent at a 90-degree angle. Your back knee should hover right above the pool deck. Switch sides and repeat.”


“Stand on the pool deck with your feet shoulder-width apart and toes turned out slightly. Slowly squat down deep, keeping your heels planted and knees out.”


“Stand in the pool with your palms down on the ledge facing outward. Using your arms, push yourself out of the water until your arms are straight, but your palms are still down. Hold, then lower back down and repeat.”


“Position yourself underneath the pool rails and pull yourself up until your chest hits the bar.”


“Get into a plank position and keep your body parallel to the ground. Bend your elbows, keeping hips, knees and toes straight and your core tight, until your chest hits the deck.”

L-Sit Leg Lifts

“Make sure the pool rails are completely dry before performing. Hold yourself up on the rails with your legs bent. Begin to straighten your legs and lift, making sure to keep your core engaged.”

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