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Botox to the treatment of depression, suitable?

Botulinum toxin – short of Botox is mainly used as a Anti-wrinkle agent in the cosmetics industry, but also for migraines, muscle cramps, excessive sweating, and incontinence Botox is used. The latest clinical study to assess whether Botox can also help in the treatment of depression.

What are the effects of the Botox treatment in terms of depression, Researchers in the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of California – San Diego is now investigating on the basis of an evaluation of the database, FAERS, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Their results were published in the journal “Scientific Reports”.

Database with Botox side effects

In the database, the unwanted side effects of Botox treatments are documented in more than 13 million cases. These voluntary reports used by the researchers and focused on the information of 40,000 people. On the basis of statistical calculations you checked, whether deviations from the average expected depressive complaints were observed.

Search for statistical deviations

The reports included the Botox treatment from eight different reasons and at different injection sites, including the forehead, neck, limbs, and bladder. With a mathematical algorithm, the researchers were looking for here, according to statistically significant Differences between Botox Practitioner and other Patients receiving the same complaints a different treatment.

Significantly less depression

The details of the research team that treated persons reported with Botox in six of the eight diseases, and the injection of 40 to 88 percent points less likely to have depression than the control group. “For years, clinicians have observed that for cosmetic reasons injected Botox seems to be the Depression in their patients to alleviate,” says Professor Dr. Ruben Abagyan, University of California – San Diego. This has been confirmed statistically.

Botox is a new treatment option

“The result is exciting because it is a new treatment option for influencing the mood and to combat depression &#8211 highlights; and it is based on very extensive statistical data and not on observations of a limited scale,“ added Tigran Makunts of the University of California – San Diego. However, there is a statistically detectable connection. Which this is based remains unclear.

Mechanism of action remains unclear

For example, suppose that the relief of severe forehead wrinkles, a feedback loop is interrupted, the negative emotions intensified. However, the current study also showed a reduced risk of Depression with Botox injections in other areas of the body, according to the research team. In order to determine the mechanism by which Botox as an antidepressant acts, are, therefore, additional investigations will be required.

For example, Botox could be in the regions of the Central nervous system is transported, which are involved in mood and emotions or the effect of Botox in the treatment of these chronic diseases could lead to an improvement in mood. The success in the relief of the underlying problem would be reached indirectly in the relief of depression.

Ongoing clinical study

Currently, Botox is being investigated treatment for people with depression in the context of an ongoing clinical study, to gain further knowledge about the effect, so the researchers. But going to be tested in the study, only the forehead injection of Botox, so that additional clinical studies would be required to be the best injection site and to determine the dose for the treatment of depression. (fp)

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