Drew Barrymore Opens Up About Parenting Her Two Daughters

Drew Barrymore has opened up about her parenting struggles as the mother of two small daughters, Olive, five, and Frankie, three. After returning from a work trip to Korea, where she was launching a face masks collection in collaboration with JAYJUN cosmetics, the actress-turned-Flower-Beauty-founder admitted her eldest hadn’t forgiven her for going away.

Barrymore posted two photos to Instagram showing her “family day” in the park with her two daughters. “Sunday in the park with Olive,” she captioned one. “She’s 5 going on 13.”

“She’s mad because mum has been out of town,” she writes. “I’m teaching her the word “reentry” and that it can take a day. Let her get her mood out of her system and i tell her i understand. And as soon as we can, let’s get back to our adventurer life. I am kind, patient and loving, because i truly do understand. By last night she came to my bed, and crawled in and we were back in each other’s arms.” She captioned the post, #mumsanddaughters.

The post has been flooded with comments from other working mums.

“Needed this a bit tonight. Struggling with my 5 year old who needs her mama more than work will allow. Letting her crawl in bed as often as she wants these days,” one wrote.

“I’m going to start using this term with my husband, reentry. He travels a lot for work and never quite understands why our daughter, 4, isn’t overjoyed to see him the first few hours,” revealed another.

This article originally appeared on Marie Claire. 

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