Erin Holland Opens Up About The Challenges Of The Modelling Industry

Erin opened up to Women’s Health exclusively about her body confidence.

“Being a model, there’s this connotation around us not living healthily, but I’m extremely healthy. I gave up drinking four years ago, I’ve had to make big life changes to look after myself as a result of working in this industry,” says Holland, who doesn’t diet because “it doesn’t work for me”.



“I find that the more I stress about my eating, the worse it is for me. Instead, I consistently try to make good healthy choices and hit the gym three to five times a week – a bit of yoga, spin or running for my cardio, and also some weights.

If I have a cheat day, that’s OK, we’re all human. Holland was “a little bit” nervous about the naked shoot, but felt good about the reasons for it. “I’ve definitely never done a shoot of this nature before but given the message behind the campaign – about empowering women and helping us be a little more comfortable in our skin – that’s pretty much the only reason I’d be doing something like this.


She captioned the instagram post below “Body confidence is a work in progress for many people, and I am no different. I’m learning to love, respect and be thankful for the skin I’m in, and each day I’m better for it.” Share your stories on social media using the hashtag #stronghealthyyou .


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