Fitness nutrition: How useful a dietary Supplement, in the case of hobby sport are learning at all?

Pills and Powders for hobby athletes are really necessary?

Playing sports is healthy. Regular exercise can help to reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and is helpful in losing weight. On a dietary Supplement to increase athletic performance, or other benefits to be promised, however, require not use.

Almost every third German is taking a dietary Supplement

About one in three adults in Germany regularly takes a dietary Supplement, of which about a quarter more than a product per day. According to experts, such agents are often rip-offs, some of them go hand in hand but also with health risks. Many who take such pills and Powders, are people who want to increase athletic performance. However, Amateur athletes do not need supplements.

More need for proteins, vitamins and minerals

A dietary Supplement, for athletes, for example, contain vitamins and minerals, protein or L-carnitine.

Such funds are advertised with performance enhancement, muscle building, faster recovery, or to help with cramps.

People, who eat as a recreational athlete but sufficient and varied, no need for pills and powder, according to the consumer advice center of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in a message.

Athletes food substances due to their increased energy consumption, generally not more than non-athletes, and meet the need for more proteins, vitamins and mineral easily.

Other experts point more to the fact that during conventional Sport a natural supply of Protein is sufficient.

For that you have to eat, not necessarily eggs, Steaks and co., vegetable proteins are also suitable.

The increase in performance only in the case of the present lack of

Although advertising statements such as “Magnesium can contribute to normal muscle function” or “Vitamin B6 reduces tiredness and fatigue,” an advantage to suspect, however, a Supplement with vitamins or minerals, can cause a present lack of a performance increase.

An additional recording requirements but does not lead to a further improvement in the performance.

Expensive and ineffective

L-carnitine is also advertised often. As the consumer explains, is a substance that the body itself makes.

In addition, we will take it via food, in particular meat, to us. The intake of L-carnitine is not only expensive, but also ineffective.

Because an improvement in endurance performance or the fat combustion by the intake of L-carnitine has been scientifically not yet proven.

Overdoses can lead to health problems

If you want to take a dietary Supplement, one should note that Overdose can lead to health problems.

Caution is also advised in the case of products from dubious sources on the Internet.

Especially if they come from non-European countries, you could turn out to be a drug or doping preparations. (ad)