How To Beat A Hangover In Four Simple Steps

The party’s over…and now you need to undo all the damage. We’ve got you.


Dodge the bacon sangas, because porridge is your hangover’s new enemy. “Oats have cysteine, an amino acid that helps break down acetaldehyde – a toxin produced by metabolised alcohol that also damages the liver,” says nutritionist Rob Hobson. “Mix in manuka honey, which has antibacterial properties, and top with slices of banana to further support your liver.”


Forget coconut water. With half the kJs and sugar, cactus water is what you really need to rehydrate, fast! It contains antioxidants such as taurine – which helps to reverse muscle tissue damage (read: hangover) – and betalains, which help make the skin glow. The result? No one will know any prosecco even passed your lips.


Missed breakfast? Then soup is your saviour. A study by the American Chemical Society revealed that the salt hiding in yak-a-mein soup (a kind of beef broth) replenishes potassium and sodium lost thanks to the diuretic effects of alcohol. Bonus: the extra salt will make you thirsty so you’ll drink more – and rehydrate more quickly. Just don’t have more booze.


Support your liver with a Child’s Pose – sit on your heels, then fold over to touch your head to the floor. Yoga teacher Bridget Woods Kramer recommends putting a blanket or pillow over your thighs to compress your abdominal muscles and boost circulation to the lymphatic system for five to 10 minutes or for 10 breaths. Your body will thank you. 

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