Iskra Lawrence Shared a Photo of Her Cellulite to Talk About How Much She Loves Her Butt

Iskra Lawrence knows her angles. On Wednesday, the model and body positivity advocate took to Instagram to share her current location—and give some love to her booty. In honor of Miami Swim Week, Lawrence was rocking a navy bikini while crowdsourcing for activities happening in the area.

“Who’s around and what’s going on???” she asked her 4 million followers. “Ps love your booty regardless of its size, lumps and bumps, tiger stripes, scars, soft, firm, flat, round, dimply or smooth. It’s yours and it’s the only cushion you really need.”

If that wasn’t booty- and spirit-lifting enough, she also shared a series of hashtags, including “imperfectly perfect” and “thank you for always sticking with me booty.” She then addressed a few marks she had on her legs, explaining that she refused to Photoshop them.

Back in April, Iskra posed in a similar way to talk about her “tiger stripes,” her pet name for her stretch marks. She also gave a shout out to her “lil back rolls and thick thighs and cel-u-lit.” Whatever her outfit, pose, or message, Lawrence’s self-love is something we can all get behind.

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