Kendall Jenner’s Makeup Hack Will Change The Way You Apply Bronzer

With all that time in the makeup chair, model Kendall Jenner has learnt a thing or two about getting glam.

The 21-year-old recently filmed a makeup tutorial for Vogue in which she details how to achieve her daily, look in two minutes flat. And it’s surprisingly simple.

After applying Esteé Lauder foundation and concealer, then brushing and filling in her brows, Kendall shows us how she applies bronzer.

It turns out you don’t need an entire roster of unique brushes to get an A-list look, Kendall just pinches a fluffy brush to thin the surface area, dusting the bronzer in the hollows of her cheekbones, down her neck and behind her ears.

Yep, even behind her ears. We’re not all getting papped from every angle but hey, it doesn’t hurt to get full coverage.

Kendall also used the bronzer as a little bit of eyeshadow – talk about versatile.

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