Kim Kardashian's New Beauty Line Sold Out In MINUTES

Given how enviable Kim Kardashian West’s daily “glam” is, there was no doubt her new beauty line would be a popular one. But KKW Beauty has absolutely slayed expectations, with reports that the 300,000 contour and highlighting kits on offer sold out in less than 20 minutes.

If you’re doing the maths on that, the reality TV queen would have raked in $14 million in less time it takes us to get out of bed in the morning.

The range (that hopefully some of you got their hot little hands on) features cream contouring products (available in light, medium, dark and deep dark shades) and a highlight kit with a dual-ended blending brush.

“I change up my looks all the time, but the one thing that’s consistent is contour,” Kim said of the product selection process.

“Hopefully, every month we’ll have a drop of another product,” she said. “I’m focusing on skin and the contouring and concealer and all my favourite things will be coming out soon.”

Credit cards at the ready for the next round. 

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