Kylie Jenner Answers Questions About Pregnancy On Twitter

While Kylie Jenner stayed mum throughout the entirety of her pregnancy, the reality TV star has now returned to her heavy social media presence with regular updates about baby Stormi.

The 20-year-old even took to Twitter recently to answer her fans questions about motherhood. 

From which sister she told first to her weird pregnancy cravings – the makeup mogul shared intimate details about her life over the last year, out of the spotlight. 

(The best table bread in LA, apparently.)

Kylie also shared, and quickly deleted, a Tweet revealing that she gained 18 kilograms during pregnancy alongside a face palm emoji. It’s recommended that women in a healthy weight range gain between 11 to 16 kilograms while expecting, but this is influenced by a number of factors. So the makeup mogul’s figure certainly isn’t far off the mark. 

Keep the deets coming, Kylie!

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