Macy’s Distribution Center Reportedly Hit With Bedbug Infestation, And They May Have Been Shipped To Customers

It looks like there’s a Macy’s distribution center that could be making it hard for customers to sleep tight and not let the bedbugs bite. According to an article on News On 6, there’s a bedbug infestation at their fulfillment center in Owasso Oklahoma and they could have shipped products riddled with the little critters.

“The bugs just became a problem last year,” one employee said anonymously before adding that the infestation seems to be more concentrated in the packing department. As the name indicates, that’s where customer orders are packaged before they are shipped out. Hence the concern that people may already have products laced with bedbugs in their homes as a result.

Another employee, Kathy Woodson, has accused upper management of trying to cover up the situation.

“I’ve confronted management about it and was basically told to keep my mouth shut about it, not to cause panic,” she said.

News On 6 reports that Woodson fears that she might lose her job for speaking openly to the press but that she was determined to do so because workers’ grievances have fallen on deaf ears.

As Web MD notes, bed bugs consume the blood of humans and animals to survive. They are normally small, brown oval-shaped insects but they become rounder after they have fed. They are nocturnal insects, feeding on humans while they are asleep. Their bites are not painful but you can develop raised welts on the skin afterward. Some of the symptoms of a bedbug infestation in the home include an itchy sensation on the areas of the skin that were exposed during sleep, blood stains or signs of excrement from the bugs on pillowcases, and a “musty” smell in the room that comes from their sweat glands.

One senior executive from Macy’s told News On 6 that she was not aware of a bedbug problem at their distribution center in Owasso.

In their official statement, Macy’s declined to admit that the bedbug infestation exists. They, however, tried to reassure customers that there are safety and inspection measures in place that are designed to protect their merchandise.

“Macy’s is committed to ensuring the safety of our merchandise and packaging for our customers and to maintaining a safe and sanitary working environment for our colleagues,” it says, as published by News On 6. “We routinely inspect our distribution facilities and have ongoing preventative measures in place.”

Their statement also promises that the company will take “swift action” if a problem with their safety standards arises.

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