My day on a plate: Francis Kamara

Actor and model Francis Kamara, 20, shares his day on a plate.

Francis Kamara.

Francis Kamara.

9.15am I start with a bowl of Just Right cereal, a glass of breakfast juice and an apple before class.

9.45am Two litres of water on my way to uni.

12.30pm After my two-hour acting class I have chicken schnitzel, bacon with cheese, avocado, lettuce, pineapple and tomato in a wrap, topped with sweet chilli sauce. I drink more water.

3pm I refill my bottle of water and drink about half a litre while nibbling on another apple.

7pm Dinner is white rice with beans, chicken and pork, plus two glasses of water.

9.30pm Jatz biscuits and a packet of barbecue-flavoured Shapes with another 1½ litres of water while watching a film.

Dr Jo McMillan says …

Top marks for … Staying well hydrated. Water is the best fluid to hydrate with, in part because it has no kilojoules. Getting too many liquid kilojoules means that appetite is not dampened to the same degree as it is with solid food.

If you keep eating like this you'll … Elevate your risk of chronic diet-related diseases, as you are eating too much refined carbohydrate and not enough of a variety of plant fibres. Your cereal choice is not low-GI, fruit juice is a concentrated source of sugar without the fibre of whole fruit, sweet chilli sauce is high in sugar, white rice is high-GI and lacks the fibre of brown rice, while your evening snacks are made from refined white flour.

Why don't you try … Adding berries or other whole fruit to breakfast in place of juice. Opt for brown or black rice, and increase your inatke and variety of vegies. Snack on nuts and seeds, or wholegrain crackers with a little cheese or nut butter.

Francis Kamara stars in The Merger, in cinemas on Thursday.

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