Rebecca Judd Reveals The Strange Thing That Happened When She Was Pregnant With Twins

Bec Judd has been extremely open about her pregnancies in the past, particularly the differences between carrying one baby and carrying twins.

Recently she opened up on her KIIS FM show, explaining that there was one side effect she is still experiencing now since giving birth to her twins Darcy and Tom last year that she didn’t expect. 

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While she experienced ‘spider veins’ in her previous two pregnancies before the twins, they weren’t too bad. However when she was pregnant with Tom and Darcy, they were much worse.

“I think just carrying the twins around and the pressure on my legs,” she said. “Every day I could almost see new blood vessels just popping and little veins all over my legs.” 

She was candid about getting a procedure to treat the veins when they didn’t go away after giving birth.

“They get this little fine needle and inject this kind of glue,” she said. “It makes all of your broken blood vessels just disappear.”

The procedure is known as Sclerotherapy, which is a common treatment to get rid of varicose veins. It typically involves injecting a saline solution into the vein which irritates the lining of the blood vessel, causing it to collapse and stick together, making the blood clot.

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Bec Judd said that after the procedure, the spider veins disappeared ‘just like magic’.

But she added that it looks like her ‘outie’ belly button is here to stay!

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