Recall: In this Salami plastic foreign body are included

Foreign body detection: Bio-Salami is being recalled

The Organic GmbH has initiated a recall for different types of Salami, because it is a foreign body were found. According to information of the manufacturer of the parts found not to be classified as hazardous to health.

Blue plastic particles in Salami

The Organic GmbH from lower Saxony Wunstorf recalls the two products, “lamb salami air dried 150 g”, Batch 23394, MHD 07.03.2019 and “Colbassa Salami air-dried 150g”, lot 23395, MHD 07.03.2019, due to a foreign body is detected. “When the foreign bodies are small blue plastic particles,” writes that the company, in a communication published on the Portal “” the German länder and of the Federal office for consumer protection.

Non-hazardous to health

According to the information of producers can not be excluded that these plastic parts may be included in other Salamis of the above-mentioned batches.

“The particles are in the Salami colour clearly visible”, – stated in the message.

And: “Because of the size of up to about 2 mm these parts are classified as non-hazardous to health.”

The purchased packs of the above products can be returned against a replacement.

Foreign body in food

In food production can occur due to errors in the manufacturing processes to impurities or contaminants, such as aluminum or plastic residues.

This can lead to the consumption sometimes to injuries and health complaints.

Depending on the size, texture and Material of the swallowed body can occur while Chewing wounds in the mouth and throat.

Swallowed plastic parts, depending on the size of the esophagus and the digestive organs block.

Remain smaller parts in the body, they can trigger a sometimes inflammation. Also digestive or stomach problems and internal injuries cannot be ruled out.

Dangerous it can be, especially when the objects to glass. (ad)