So you recognize the dangerous stroke-harbinger – Video

The transient ischemic attack is often a precursor to a stroke. But few people know what is hidden behind the term. How to recognize it and what to look out for, you will see in this Video.

  • The symptoms of TIA are at the latest after 24 hours.
  • The main risk of a stroke is in the first week after a TIA.

It is called also Mini-stroke or small stroke: transient ischemic attack, in short, TIA. The symptoms are the same as those of a stroke are:

  • Paralysis,
  • Unsteadiness of gait,
  • Visual and speech disorders, as well as
  • Feelings of numbness.

However, the signs disappear at the latest after 24 hours. If the symptoms last for longer than a day, talk to physicians of a stroke.

The risk after a TIA is a stroke an average of ten percent. The Patient is endangered, especially in the first week after the event. With a good prophylaxis of a stroke can be prevented. Therefore, you should take any warning signs seriously, and necessarily a doctor contact!