Surprising package insert – Aldi-customer found a dead crawling animal in Rahmpinat

Disgust Fund: Aldi customer can find ladybugs in a pack of Creamed spinach

Spinach is among the healthiest vegetables. But not only children respond to the vegetables often with: “EW, spinach”. “Ugh” should have thought an Aldi customer, as he Creamed discovered a dead animal in a pack.

Healthy Vegetables

Spinach does not contain so much iron, as is often assumed, however, the vegetable is due to its high content of important vitamins and minerals are extremely healthy. In addition, spinach is very low in calories and can reduce according to an older study by Swedish researchers cravings and help you lose weight. A spinach-rich diet thus reduces the level of cholesterol. Some people find the vegetables, but it’s disgusting. Also, a customer of Aldi is likely to have felt disgust, as he Creamed discovered a dead animal in a pack.

Discounters apologized

“Hello dear Aldi Team. I had a meat Supplement in food,“ wrote an Aldi customer in a Post on the Facebook page of the discounter.

“A yellow ladybug,” said of the Internet users. On the photo, this animal is clearly visible.

Aldi Süd responded immediately: “Good Morning, Dirk, sorry for that, of course, should not happen!”, an employee of the company apologized and pointed out, to inform the supplier about it.

Disgusting finds in various foods

Other consumers have found in the past, various disgusting foreign objects in food.

As was reported two years ago about a woman from the UK, made in an Aldi tomato juice to a special Fund.

According to a report of the “Bristol Post” found the 29-Year-old on the bottom of the package is a “disgusting object” that looked “like a fetus”.

As it turned out, however, that it was mold. (ad)