This Woman Is Wearing Her Labia Skin As A Necklace

Tracy Kiss had spent years suffering pain downstairs during daily activities when she was finally told by a doctor that her discomfort wasn’t normal, it was due to excess labia tissue. The personal trainer and model’s labia minora was longer than her labia majora, which caused cysts to frequently develop.

“I have always found wearing underwear, jeans, cycling, and sitting on hard surfaces very uncomfortable on a daily basis and didn’t actually realise it was because my genitals were different to what is normal — if there is such a thing,” Tracy told Teen Vogue.

“I feel gutted that I went 29 years without knowing there was anything wrong with me,” she said.

“If I’d been told during sex education at school, or given advice by a midwife during my pregnancy, then I’d have made the decision a lot sooner to have treatment.”

After undergoing surgery to remove the excess tissue, Kiss decided to turn it into a necklace as a memento of her struggle.

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“Seeing as I was awake for my labiaplasty surgery,” Tracey continued to tell Teen Vogue, “Whilst chatting to my surgeon, I casually asked if I could keep my labia as a trophy of finally being pain-free.”

She kept the tissue in surgical fluid for a while before deciding to preserve it in a pendant. She filmed the DIY process, you can watch for yourself below.

“Nobody recognised my necklace contains labia because it’s not something you would ever expect to see, but…I did see my glittery labia pendant as a reminder to never suffer in silence,” she told Teen Vogue.

Tracy also hopes that her necklace will help start communication around vaginal health, inspiring others to get to know their bodies better and seek help if something seems amiss.

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