What You Need To Know Before Getting A Bikini Wax Or Laser Hair Removal

It can hurt more on your period

Most beauticians won’t care if it’s your time of the month, but waxing or lasering may hurt more due to your skin being more sensitive during your period and the week before. Things can also get a little messy down there especially if you’re having a Brazilian, so it’s probably best to schedule hair removal for the week after Aunt flo comes.

You’ll likely get red bumps or soreness

Irritated skin is common for up to 24-hours post hair removal, so avoid sunbaking and very hot baths and showers immediately afterwards, and avoid wearing very tight underwear. To help relieve intimate discomfort post wax, you can apply Canesten Cool Cream Gel to affected areas for instant cooling, soothing and moisturising relief. Ahhh.

You need to shave the area you’re getting lasered

Lasering isn’t like waxing where you grow out your hair beforehand. You need to be clean shaven, so the lasers will be able to locate the hair follicles. It’s best to shave the 24 hours before your appointment.

Rebook if you have sunburn

It’s best practice to avoid having either a wax or laser hair removal when your skin is sunburnt. It’s also best to avoid tanning at least 7 days pre-laser treatment. If the skin in the area being treated is tanned, burning or discoloration may occur as the laser will also be attracted to the darker pigment in your skin. Next time you are out in the sun wear SPF30+ in the areas you want to be hair-free

Don’t hit the gym immediately post-wax

Sweating increases the likelihood of irritation, so definitely plan your workout for another time. Also, wearing tight clothes like spandex or yoga pants is a no-no if you’ve just had a bikini wax (the friction can cause irritation and acne). In other words, you pretty much have to break out your comfiest pair of sweatpants.

Research the salon

Friend recommendations are best to go by, as you want to make sure the salon and equipment are clean, and the staff are experienced and friendly. Check that your technician washes her hands before they treat you and the sheet or towel you’re sitting on is a freshie

You may be asked to lay in some weird positions

If you’re going for a full Brazilian wax or laser treatment, technicians usually need you to lay in some pretty awkward positions so they can wax or laser hard-to-reach areas. Don’t feel embarrassed, as they see women legs akimbo ALL the time. Don’t worry about being too hairy/having cellulite/wearing your worst undies. 

Wear comfortable loose clothing to your appointment

Leave your skinny jeans at home and wear a dress or loose fitting pants to feel more comfortable and let the area breathe post-treatment.


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