With fiber and whole-grain products, chronic diseases, prevent

With a fibre-rich diet prevent chronic diseases

A diet rich in fiber and whole-grain products, not only helps stimulate the digestive system, but also counteracts chronic diseases such as type 2 Diabetes, stroke and heart attack. This was the result of a study from new Zealand.

As healthy dietary fiber is

In the past years, numerous scientific studies have been conducted that could show how healthy dietary fiber for the human body. So the German researchers concluded that a fiber-rich diet relieves chronic inflammatory joint diseases. In addition, the healthy fibres have pills for high blood pressure similar to well as blood pressure. Furthermore, they are helpful against Hunger and help with weight loss. But that’s not enough: With ballast you can counteract substances and chronic diseases.

Chronic diseases such as Diabetes and heart attack counteract

Those who take plenty of fiber and whole grain products, can counteract chronic diseases such as type 2 Diabetes mellitus, stroke, and heart attack.

This was the result of a large Survey study, which was published in the journal “The Lancet”.

The scientists from the University of Otago in new Zealand had evaluated 185 observational studies and the results of 58 clinical studies with over 4,600 participants.

As the Federal centre for nutrition (BZfE) writes on his website, made at the beginning of healthy subjects, detailed information on their dietary habits and were accompanied for the study period, medical.

In clinical studies, the researchers analyzed how a fiber-rich diet affects various parameters such as blood pressure, blood sugar and blood fats.

No causal relationship shown to

The data suggest that a high dietary fiber consumption (25 to 29 g / day) decreased the mortality from cardiovascular diseases and other ailments in comparison to a low consumption (less than 15 g daily) 15 to 30 percent.

The Occurrence of heart attack, stroke, type 2 Diabetes and colorectal cancer was reduced by 16 to 24 percent.

A further evaluation of the clinical studies showed that a high – fiber diet, body weight, cholesterol and blood-rich pressure values can be reduced.

For some diseases, such as type 2 Diabetes mellitus and colorectal cancer, the positive effects could be increased by a higher fiber consumption of 30 grams a day.

The authors gave but bear in mind generally that observational studies cannot demonstrate causal relationships.

A fiber-rich diet may be associated with an overall healthier way of life. Therefore, further studies are still necessary to understand the backgrounds better.

In the case of cereals products, often times to the full-grain variant attack

According to the recommendations of the German nutrition society (DGE) adults should consume at least 30 grams of fiber per day. Many people find it difficult to reach this benchmark.

“With a lot of fruit, vegetables and pulses the ballast can be depolarized easily increase,” said Harald Seitz, a nutrition scientist from the BZfE.

“Grab you in the case of cereal products such as bread, pasta and rice more often for full-grain variant,” says Seitz. “The slightly harsher taste, for example, whole-grain pasta is only the beginning of something unusual.”