You Can Now Smell Like Your (and Gigi Hadid's) Favorite Teen Face Scrub

This summer has offered up plenty of ways to smell like the '90s. First, Britney Spears launched a new fragrance. Then, Kim Kardashian made fruity scents great again with her latest Kimoji fragrance line. Now, St. Ives Apricot Scrub is back to haunt you from the depths of your teen years. In a stroke of millennial-nostalgia-fueled genius, St. Ives is coming out with a rollerball version of its beloved Apricot Scrub, bottling the fresh, familiar apricot scent into a 10-milliliter bottle, according to Bustle. The new scent is aptly named "Iconic Apricot," and the fragrance was created with the same notes as the scrub, which was most likely one of the very first beauty products you bought.

The scrub has developed a cult following since it first gained popularity in the '80s — despite the 2016 lawsuit that claimed the scrub caused irritation and "micro-tears" in the skin, which could lead to inflammation or even premature aging. (Note: It's best to refrain from using any physical exfoliant every day.) Controversy or not, the brand still has die-hard fans, one of whom is Gigi Hadid, who once described the scrub's popularity to Allure saying, "It's been around because it's the best."

You can smell like a better version of your teen years with an Iconic Apricot rollerball for $10, available on the St. Ives website.

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