BTS' New Music Video Features the K-Pop Group's Best Hairstyles and Dye Jobs Yet

Good things come in threes, and K-pop group BTS proves just that with the third edition of its Love Yourself albums. The internationally-famous boy group kicked off today's release of Love Yourself: Answer with a music video for "Idol." In it, all seven of the Bangtan Boys show off amazing new hair colors and styles.

Wondering which BTS hair moments from "Idol" stood out the most? I rounded up eight of best ones, including but not limited to V's latest experimental style and Jungkook's fun fruit-inspired dye job. You'll notice a couple makeup looks are also on the list below, too. I may or may not want to try one of them out as soon as I possibly can.

Keep scrolling to see nine of the best beauty moments from BTS' new music video for "Idol."

1. RM's Slicked-Back Gray Hair

BTS's leader styled his ash gray hair, which had hints of blue at times, in several different ways throughout "Idol." His slicked-back silver fox moment was the highlight, though. He looked like the CEO of an Instagram-famous startup that sells pocket squares and socks. OK, RM may not own that particular company (yet), but he has certainly made ash gray his go-to hair color. Last year, he even mentioned in an Allure interview that it's his favorite shade.

2. Jungkook's Dragonfruit-Red Hair

Back in June, Army, as BTS fans are officially called, were shocked when Jungkook showed up at a performance with a new hair color. Typically, the singer keeps his hair dark, so his rich-red look was an unexpected change. It perfectly complemented the colorful elements of the video.

3. Suga's Black-Cherry Hair

Suga has officially strayed from matching his hair color to BTS's newest album cover. Instead of dyeing his hair pastel blue, lavender, petal pink, or even peach, the rapper went with a deep maroon shade. In some scenes, Suga's hair even reflected a candy-apple red.

4. Jimin's Totally Taupe Look

A list of the best looks from a BTS music video wouldn't be complete without mentioning Jimin's signature aesthetic — even if his look for this video mainly focuses on his hair. He delivered yet another smoky eye that matched his hair (as he often does). This time around, he went with a sooty, taupe hue that looks like it came straight out of the soon-to-be-discontinued Urban Decay Naked Palette. I think it's time for Jimin to drop his own palette to replace the iconic Urban Decay one. Raise your hand if you agree.

5. Blonde Jin

As I pointed out in this previous roundup of BTS's best beauty moments, Jin bleaching his hair blonde for "Fire" was truly memorable. The singer returned to the platinum hue for "Idol" and looked just as "worldwide handsome" as before.

6. V's Two-Toned Moment

Of all the BTS members, V has arguably been the most experimental with his hair lately. He had a dark mullet for Love Yourself: Tear, and in promo images for Love Yourself: Answer, he tied up the front of his hair in a mini ponytail. V kept his hair on the longer side for "Idol" but dyed it two different hues. One half of his hair is blonde while the other is bubblegum pink. When an Army member noticed that BTS might be teaming up with Nicki Minaj on "Idol" after a Shazam fluke, people started comparing V's dual-toned hair to the rapper's iconic VMAs hairstyle.

Throughout the video, V's hair is shown in different ways, including straight, waxy, and parted. I for one love how the half-and-half style looks when there's some texture added to it.

7. J-Hope's Comma Hair

Prior to getting into K-pop, I had no idea "comma hair" existed. As a writer, I appreciate knowing it does, and I was able to spot it on rapper J-Hope. For those who have never heard of the popular style for boy group members and K-drama actors, it's when the front section of hair is styled to fall in front of the face like the punctuation mark.

8. Literally Everyone in the Final Scene

I know I'm not here to talk about fashion, but printed suits have a special place in my heart. They are the perfect balance of sleek and eccentric that I aim to incorporate in my own aesthetic. That said, BTS's hairstylists complemented the group's ensembles with the ideal mix of sleek and tousled looks.

9. The Extras' Stripes of Red Eye Shadow

For the final addition to the list, I look to the extras in "Idol," whose eyes, from temple to temple, are covered in thick red stripes of red eye shadow. I have to admit that I wish that Suga tried out this bold look for the video. He would have pulled it off flawlessly. Maybe he'll try it out for a performance. In the meantime, I will try it myself this weekend.

You can see all the fun hair and makeup moments in BTS's music video for "Idol" in action below.

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