Perrie Edwards Shows Off Her Freckles in a Gorgeous New Selfie

Little Mix fans are accustomed to seeing Perrie Edwards in beauty blogger–level makeup, with porcelain skin often accompanied by her preferred statement smoky eyes. But recently Edwards hasn't been in the mood for a full beat. Instead, on Tuesday, she shared a gorgeous, foundation-free selfie to Instagram. The surprise? Her face, neck, and shoulders are full of freckles.

In the caption, Edwards shared how freckles have made her feel self-conscious in the past — and how she's embracing them. "Growing up I was always insecure about the freckles on my face," she wrote alongside the photo. "Over the last couple of years I’ve started to embrace them and don’t feel I need to hide them anymore. 'Embrace your individuality. Love what you love without worrying about judgement.'" And as PopSugar points out, fans in the comments section are doing just that, writing in to praise Edwards for baring her real skin.

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Thankfully, the beauty industry is shifting away from viewing something as natural and simple as freckles as an imperfection. Urban Decay recently drew praise for featuring people with "real" skin on its Instagram, and brands like CVS have committed to ending the use of Photoshop in their campaigns.

Even models, like Gigi Hadid, have spoken out about what it feels like to have their skin airbrushed into oblivion. "A lot of people get mad at me when they're Photoshopped out. But I don't want them Photoshopped. If they are, that's the client's decision. I love them," Hadid previously told Allure.

And, of course, thanks to Meghan Markle, some freckle-less people are even getting tattoos to look like they have the real thing.

With more than one million likes on Edwards's photo, it's clear that beauty (and Little Mix) fans are ready for a future filled with freckles.

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