Ruby Rose Got a Mullet Haircut — Well, Sort Of

As Jaxx Herd in her upcoming film The Meg, Ruby Rose upgrades — or maybe downgrades — her pixie cut. Her character is apparently a fan of the wet look, with stringy bangs and choppy layers hanging in front of her eyes at all times. But that wasn't a problem for Rose herself, who's always game to try to a new hairstyle. Her shaved head has been the inspiration for many a buzzcut, while her current pixie somehow manages to look chic at every iteration. We have a theory that there's no haircut that Rose wouldn't look good in. Naturally, we asked her to put it to the test — and she agreed. In a new Allure video, Rose uses Photoshop to try on as many beauty looks as possible, from bold lashes to overlined lips to "The Rachel."

According to Rose, Photoshop plays a key role when she's searching for a new beauty look. "When I'm getting ready for an event, I literally just do this," she says. "I go onto my computer, I steal all the looks from my favorite people." In the video, she uses Photoshop to pull inspiration from Dolly Parton — big hair and red lips included — and Jennifer Aniston's iconic Friends hairstyle. Watch as Rose works her way through Photoshop at lightning speed like a pro, adding small details like a beauty mark and unibrow.

But of all the looks she's tried, Rose's favorite was the mullet. "I actually love this look, and it's not too far from where I"m at right now," she explains. "All I have to do is convince my hair person. We just have to grow the sides." We apologize in advance to her stylist, but keep your eyes peeled for Rose on the red carpet this fall — rocking business in the front, party in the back.

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