Cottage cheese, yogurt, or Skyr, The milk products in the Check – Video

Whether for cereal in the Morning or as a Protein-bomb after the Sport: yogurt and curd are available in many regularly on the shopping list. Others swear by the Traditional dairy product in Iceland: Skyr. FOCUS Online explains what is different the milk products.

Cottage cheese, yogurt or Skyr (display)? You all are supposed to strengthen bones and teeth, the brain function will improve, and with appropriate Training, the muscles grow faster. The selection of products in the cooling shelf is great. The ignorance, what is the best option for whom, but often even greater.

In principle, all products are made from milk. In the case of yogurt, the milk contained bacteria convert the sugar into acid. This creates an acidic environment, the protein flocculation. Smooth commercial yogurt is formed and stirred.

Quark additionally, the cream may be raised – how much, depends on the fat content. For Skyr, the milk is skimmed in contrast to the Quark and yogurt first. That is why so much milk ends up in a Cup of Skyr four times like in a yogurt. The result: a low-fat dairy product with extra protein.

Skyr and Greek yogurt have more protein, skimmed yogurt more calcium

Comparable with Skyr only skim quark and skim because of the fat content of yogurt, says Doris Gräfe of the Verbraucherzentrale NRW.

Both Skyr as well as low-fat quark included the expert, a lot of protein, which can be especially for athletes interesting. Who wants to pay attention on the money, should rather resort to low-fat quark, since Skyr is more expensive.

Yogurt contains more calcium. The mineral substance is, for example, is important for bone building. Who is looking in particular at the calories, should rely Gräfe, according to the quark. In General, the expert advises, but, quote, “The best for the health of it is, if you alternate the milk products.”