Is BVI The New Way To Check Your Weight?

BMI is one of the best-known acronyms in the health space. A tool used for more than a century to assess whether you’re a healthy weight for your height. But a revolutionary new kid on the block could soon replace the Body Mass Index.

Introducing Body Volume Indicator (BVI), the brainchild of Mayo Clinic researchers that’s being billed as a game-changing alternative measurement.

How come? BVI compares your total body volume to the volume of your abdomen (which BMI doesn’t account for). Why’s that better: our waists are great windows into our health future, The Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Jose Medina Inojosa tells Business Insider.

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Belly fat can give docs an indicator of our risk for things like type 2 diabetes, high total cholesterol and cardiovascular disease – the Nurses’ Health Study, which looked at 40,000+ women over a 16-year period, found a strong link between waist circumference and heart disease.

“By measuring weight and body fat with a focus on the abdomen,” adds Medina Inojosa to BI, the “BVI offers a new, enhanced potential diagnostic tool.”

Experts have argued BMI is outdated for years now – its focus on just height and weight means, for example, that lean people with muscle can fall into the overweight range. Could BVI be the solution? Watch this space!

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