Let’s Chat About The Spread Of The Gods: Peanut Butter

It goes with everything, from sweet to savoury, if you ask me a spoonful of this stuff is an improvement to most days. BUT there’s been some sneaky little rumours getting around that peanut butter is bad for you.

Well, I’m here to tell you it’s a pack of sneaky lies. But let’s look at why.

Firstly, yes, most peanut butters (even the natural ones) have a really high calorie content. BUT don’t let that turn you away from its golden goodness!

The reality is, you need fat intake to function. It’s just how you choose to intake that fat that matters.

So, don’t be lathering everything in your sites in peanut butter and calling it ‘health food’. It isn’t. But in the same token don’t be afraid of its deliciousness either.

As I’m always saying, it’s all about balance and moderation.

I got a question the other day…which I get ALL the time! I'm not offended by much, so I'm happy to answer it here ? The question was "do you ever find it hard having a different body type to kayla's?"…. OBVIOUSLY this lovely girl had no bad intentions with that comment – I completely understand….kayla is daaaaaamn ripped ? Of course, when I get compared its hard at times, BUT – kayla and I have COMPLETELY different body types. I will never look like her, she will never look like me….just as I will never look like you, and you will never look like me! We are ALLLL different and have things that makes us OURSELVES. We can't compare ourselves to other people because they are NOT US. We have to focus on being the best possible version of ourselves, because that's in the end what matters. I focus on being the best possible version of me, and thats being super fit so I can keep up with her?, super happy and with some damn naan bread in my hand ???

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Now, when it comes to the million different varieties of peanut butter, that’s where you can make better choices. Firstly, as with most products, if it says “low fat” or “light”, it usually means they’ve replaced that fat content with sugar, or some other heavily processed oils.

Natural is best. That goes for pretty much all food. Beware the products that say ‘natural style’ and instead look to the ingredients list. You want as much percentage of peanuts as possible and as little other listed ingredients as possible. Surprisingly it’s hard to find a jar of peanut butter that’s just squished peanuts these days (go figure!) But, when you do, it’s easier for your body to process and burn off faster than when it’s packed with extra sugars, salts and carbs.

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Still not sure? Ok there is another health option: almond butter. There’s more protein in almonds and they hold a few more vitamins too but really it’s not too much difference in benefits. Chances are though, there’s been much less added to your almond butter than there has to your beloved peanut butter.

Regardless of which you choose the nutty butters are SO delicious and a great treat to add to the mix of good diet and exercise. If you need a pump up after a big day or a huge workout session try my protein ball recipe here:

PB protein balls

Leah Itsines is part of the Women’s Health Fitfluential Network, she’s an Aussie food blogger on a mission to bring healthy back through the use of creativity in the kitchen. Leah believes that being healthy should be delicious and easy with an abundance of different foods!

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