McDonald's Is Selling BUCKETS of McNuggets

Late-night McDonald’s runs in Japan are about to get muuuuch more exciting. (Assuming people in Japan go on late-night McDonald’s runs … No? An American thing?) Whatever time folks in Japan head to McDonald’s come December, they will have the option to order McNuggets by the bucket. Yes, that’s right, my dear readers. MCNUGGET (*clapping hand emoji*) BUCKETS.

Foodbeast reports that the FORTY-EIGHT McNuggets will be served in KFC-esque buckets, in collaboration with a Japanese music group called NGT48. The nuggets will be served in Japan’s Niigata Prefecture, Foodbeast notes.

McDonald’s Japan has teamed up with the girl group in the past, and served the buckets in 2015, as well. Foodbeast reports that neither McDonald’s Japan nor NGT48 have publicly promoted the nugget buckets yet, but apparently they will debut December 1.

People tweeted their responses to news of the chicken-filled buckets, expressing envy of those in Japan.

“McDonald’s Japan Introduced 48-Piece Chicken McNugget Buckets”

Further proof Japan is the best country on the planet.

Hey! @McDonalds , will your 48 count Mcnugget buckets, in Japan, come with Mulan szechuan sauce?

When can we expect this in the states?

I read that @McDonalds was coming out with buckets of nuggets, I hope that’s true because my life is now made.. ??

While you’re impatiently waiting for the McNugget buckets to hit the states (because it’s only a matter of time, right!?), you can head to Chicago to check out a super modern McDonald’s, complete with charging pads and a floating garden. Swaaaanky.

Also, this is all bringing me back to a time early in high school when my best friends and I split a 50-piece McNugget from McDonald’s. I will not be divulging how many 15-year-old girls ate that many nuggets, but I will say that we we’d definitely be able to polish off a McNugget bucket. Japan, we’ll raise our lowly 20-piece nugget cartons to you!

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